Fintech SaaS

01/Account management services

Based on our expertises in developing our own account systems, we have commercialized enterprise-grade account management systems for Internet finance providers, particularly the online lending platforms and ecommerce merchants. These account systems have the functions of top-up, cash withdrawal, split account, as well as record-keeping and could be seamlessly integrated into the clients’ existing business platforms to improve their operational efficiency. We have developed and commercialized a customer authentication system to help our clients remotely verify the identities of their customers on a 24/7 basis.

02/Technology and operation support

We provide technology and operation support to commercial banks to enable them to provide custodial account management services to online lending platforms.

03/Risk management

In order to detect frauds and enhance management of risks relating to online lending platforms, we leverage our big data analytics capabilities and our risk management system to collect and analyze large amounts of information on Internet finance providers from a variety of sources.

Data-driven value-added services

We provide sales and marketing services to Internet finance providers to facilitate our merchant clients’ access to their loans.

Based on our merchant payment services, we provide our clients with business intelligence services that increase the visibility of their key operation trend and support faster and more informed decision process.